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Endemol Shine Group, the newly launched global content creator, producer and distributor, and its Endemol Beyond Premium Content Network, have teamed with digital pioneer and entrepreneur Michelle Phan for the creation of ICON, the first worldwide Premium Lifestyle Network.

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September 28, 2015Viva Glam
Exclusive First Look: Classic Fairy Makeup Video Tutorial by Sarah Coy

Fairies are always a popular costume for the ladies, but with “Pan” coming out this month, we’re bound to see a handful of Tinkerbells of all ages running around. Getting the perfect fairy makeup look can be difficult, so here’s a wonderful tutorial by the beautiful and talented Sarah Coy, a makeup artist and frequent contributor to Michelle Phan’s Icon Network.

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September 11, 2015Celebuzz
WATCH: How to Give Yourself a Cute and Colorful Manicure

In the new episode of The World At Your Fingertips from YouTube star Michelle Phan’s ICON Network, manicure guru Sandi Crystal Ball of CutePolish gives us a step-by-step guide on how to paint your nails to look like the “jellybean row houses” found in her hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland in Canada.

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September 10, 2015Glamour
Exclusive! SunKissAlba Has 4 Tips for Rocking a Dark Lip Color

Who’s ready for a new makeup wardrobe, especially a deep, dark, vampy lip? We sure are. We love how plum, berry, and burgundy hues can look sophisticated during the day and vampy at night. Here, Alba Garcia, the Dominican American beauty vlogger better known as SunkissAlba (and newest host on Michelle Phan’s digital lifestyle video platform ICON Network!) shows you como hacerlo.

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August 21, 2015Teen Vogue
Exclusive! Welcome To the Easiest Nail Art Tutorial, Ever

Nail art is usually a salon-only treat for us. But leave it to beauty guru (and YouTube genius) Michelle Phan to crack the code that allows us to nail nail art at home, thanks to CutePolish creator, Sandi Ball. In the latest video for her lifestyle channel, ICON Network, Phan enlists the help of DIY nail expert Ball to create a Parisian-inspired design with all the easy-to-follow steps included. And we’re getting the exclusive sneak peek.

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July 20, 2015Glamour
Natalies Outlet Gives Us a Peek Into Michelle Phan’s Icon Offices

As one of the newest YouTube content creators (i.e., vloggers) signed to Michelle Phan’s Icon Network, Natalie of Natalies Outlet just had to poke around Icon’s Los Angeles office searching for beauty treasures. (Wouldn’t you have?) In this sneak-peek video, the Colombian American student from Orlando, Florida, shares the goodies hidden in those cabinets. Hint: We want everything.

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July 3, 2015Nerdist

Happy almost Independence Day, fellow Americans! And if you’re not in the United States, happy Friday! Some of you are lucky enough to have a three day weekend, and in between your time chilling by the grill and/or pool, why not make something? Getting creative can be just as relaxing as sitting on a lawn chair—OK, almost as relaxing. If you find yourself in the mood to create, we’re happy to exclusively show off the latest episode of Cosplay Curious from Michelle Phan’s ICON network. Joi, also known as Curiousjoi, has previously tackled a Scarlet Witch ensemble for the series, but this time she’s going patriotic with a Captain America meets Cinderella mash-up. It looks comfy and flirty, and since Captain America is one of my favorite superheroes, I’m all about it.

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July 2, 2015Tubefilter
Michelle Phan’s ICON Network Inks Content Deal With YouTube Nail Art Channel CutePolish

The ICON Network is getting its nails done. The digital lifestyle network launched by Michelle Phan back in March 2015, has welcomed new content partner CutePolish, a channel dedicated to the pursuit of all things nail art.

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June 23, 2015Cambio
Exclusive: RAEView’s Luxe Beauty Packing Tips for On-the-Go Gals

June, July and August are prime months for weekend beach vacays, music fest road trips and cross-country flights to visit faraway fam. With all these relaxing retreats on your calendar, mastering the skills of a quick getaway becomes a must-have summer skill! Perhaps the most important step to embarking on your next adventure is packing your carry-on – after laying out your outfits, of course.

Luckily, we have everyday luxe guide Rae from The RAEview (Michelle Phan’s a fan!) to dish on her travel tips do’s and don’ts for the ICON Network. Is your bag packed and ready for departure? Below, Cambio gets an exclusive look at how Rae gets glam on-the-go!

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June 16, 2015PopSugar
Exclusive! The Raeviewer Shares Her LA-Inspired Makeup Essentials

This Spring, YouTube business maven Michelle Phan announced her new Icon video network. The concept: a global lifestyle channel for millennial women featuring your favorite beauty vloggers. After only two months, the network has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. The latest series to launch on Icon is Everyday Luxe spearheaded by none other than The Raeviewer.

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May 6, 2015People Magazine
Michelle Phan Shares Her Secrets to Success, Plus Why She Doesn’t Follow Celebs on Social Media

YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan takes cues from her viewers when it comes to the videos she makes, but what do her 7 million subscribers want to know most? How to tap into the Internet star’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“They’re always asking me, ‘Michelle, how do I become successful, how do I do what you do?’” Phan tells PEOPLE. “And it’s becoming younger and younger. I now have 10-year-olds asking me about how to become successful, how to become a business owner, which is crazy — at 10 I was trying to figure out which Barbie I wanted.”

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April 13, 2015Access Hollywood

Watch Michelle Phan talk about ICON on Access Hollywood!


April 7, 2015Ad Week
Michelle Phan Is Ready to Reach Beyond YouTube With Her New Icon Network

Digital superstar Michelle Phan, who’s dominated the online beauty space and made her presence known offline with her YouTube ad campaign, hopes her new worldwide network Icon will have a robust presence—on the Web, but also potentially on TV.
“I’m platform agnostic,” Phan said. “I’ve been platform agnostic ever since I went online. I’m not saying I’m jumping ship (from YouTube). Platforms—they come and go, but storytelling is forever.

April 7, 2015US News & World Report
Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Etc: For YouTube star Michelle Phan, it’s all opportunity

Even First Lady Michelle Obama has asked YouTube star Michelle Phan for beauty advice.

“She asked me what kind of powder I liked,” Phan recalled in a recent interview. She traveled to Tokyo last month with Mrs. Obama as part of her “Let Girls Learn” campaign, which encourages education around the world.

Phan, 27, herself has made a career out of sharing her beauty tips. She began by posting makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2007, just two years after the video site was founded, and today has 7.5 million subscribers. She has a subscription makeup business called Ipsy (“with more than 100 employees and we’re going to be making over $100 million this year,” says Phan). Now, she’s launching her own online network of original content called ICON. It features other female Web personalities hand-picked by Phan, who share tips on everything from fashion and beauty to DIY projects.

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April 7, 2015USA Today
Michelle Phan branches out from YouTube

YouTube star Michelle Phan is branching out with her new digital network called ICON. She also talks about recently traveling to Tokyo with first lady Michelle Obama as part of her ‘Let Girls Learn’ campaign.


April 2, 2015Marie Claire
With Her New Lifestyle Network, Michelle Phan Is Now Officially Taking Over the World

She’s like Oprah meets Steve Jobs.

Meeting YouTube makeup phenom Michelle Phan is like meeting a motivational speaker, business entrepreneur, and beauty advisor wrapped up in a petite, fashionable frame. Greeting me at the Viceroy in New York to talk about her new “premiere lifestyle network” ICON, the 27-year-old immediately launched into compliments for her team and how excited she is for this newest business venture.

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April 2, 2015Seventeen

It’s no secret that beauty guru Michelle Phan has become super successful since she starting doing YouTube tutorials nine years ago, gaining 7.5 million subscribers (and counting!), and launching her own makeup line. Now, she’s sharing her success secrets and helping others become mega stars as the creative director for a new online community called Icon.

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April 2, 2015Teen Vogue
Michelle Phan Just Got Pranked by Her Own Network and We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Just yesterday, Michelle Phan announced the launch of her latest venture and it is major! The 27-year-old YouTube sensation-turned-beauty pioneer is taking her digital smarts to another level with the creation of ICON. It’s a video network brought to you by Michelle and Endemol Shine Group, a global content creator that has produced some of your favorite shows like American Idol, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, and more. Yes, very exciting!

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April 1, 2015Fortune
Why Michelle Phan’s new network could reveal the future of the Internet

Tuesday night, at YouTube’s New York City headquarters, social networking phenom Michelle Phan announced her latest venture: ICON, a worldwide lifestyle network that will include—what else—a dedicated YouTube channel. The network is a partnership between Phan, whose how-to makeup application videos turned her into one of YouTube’s earliest and most powerful superstars, and Endemol Shine Group, a content creation, production and distribution company.


April 1, 2015The Wall Street Journal
YouTube Star Michelle Phan Partners With Endemol to Launch the Anti-MCN

Michelle Phan is such a big YouTube star that she doesn’t need to join a multichannel network. She can just headline her own network.

Ms. Phan has partnered with Endemol Beyond, a division of the global production giant Endemol Shine Group, to launch the Icon Network. The venture will consist of fashion, beauty and wellness-themed video content distributed on numerous platforms, ranging from YouTube to Snapchat to Roku.


April 1, 2015CNBC
How Michelle Phan grew her YouTube empire

YouTube beauty vlogger Michelle Phan talks with CNBC’s Jon Fortt about how she grew her network, and where the value in social media exists.


April 1, 2015Bustle
Michelle Phan Launches ICON, Her Own Online Network For Health, Beauty, and Lifestyle

Her name is synonymous with YouTube beauty gurus. But now, Michelle Phan launched her own online network. The YouTube star rose to fame through her insanely useful makeup tutorials, but now, things seems to be moving full steam ahead for the beauty expert. Her new network, ICON, launched yesterday and will feature beauty, lifestyle, and health content that’s sure to please all of us who are obsessed with YouTube and its many fabulous stars.

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April 1, 2015The Guardian
Michelle Phan goes beyond YouTube with Icon multi-channel network

YouTube star Michelle Phan is launching her own online video network, Icon, which will cover beauty, fashion, food and other lifestyle topics – but not just on YouTube.

The network is a partnership with television firm Endemol, and will distribute its videos through a range of partners online and on TV, as well as through its own mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


March 31, 2015The Today Show
Social media star Michelle Phan shares the top beauty trends of the season

There’s a reason why social media star Michelle Phan has more than 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube, nearly 3 million likes on Facebook and 1.8 million followers on Instagram — her style and beauty videos are absolutely addicting! Not to mention, her clear and easy-to-follow instructions make even the most difficult makeup looks seems simple.


March 31, 2015Daily Mail
Online star Michelle Phan’s new network launches in US, UK

YouTube pioneer Michelle Phan, who built a business empire around her popular makeup tutorials, on Tuesday debuted a global online network devoted to beauty, fashion and lifestyle that features original series by her and other creators.

Phan launched the ICON network with Endemol Beyond, a premium channel network owned by Endemol Shine Group.


March 31, 2015NBC News
Michelle Phan’s Online Video Network, ICON, Launches Today

YouTube megastar and beauty guru Michelle Phan has yet another business venture up her sleeve. Phan partnered with Dutch entertainment company, Endemol, to create an online video network, ICON, launching in the U.S. and U.K today. The network will subsequently launch in Europe and Asia this summer and fall.


March 31, 2015Glamour
Why I Believe Michelle Phan Is the Next Oprah

YouTube beauty queen Michelle Phan announced today that she’s launching ICON, a full-on network of beauty, lifestyle and entertainment content—think glossy, glowy Phan disciples showing you crunch tutorials, layered desserts and smoky eyes… YouTube is the main streaming home of ICON content, but you’ll also be able to watch on your phone (via apps for iPhone and Android) and TV (via Roku). In other words, it’s basically a worldwide takeover—and the move that more or less secures Phan’s future as Oprah’s successor.


March 31, 2015CNBC
Online star Michelle Phan’s new network launches in US, UK

YouTube pioneer Michelle Phan, who built a business empire around her popular makeup tutorials, on Tuesday debuted a global online network devoted to beauty, fashion and lifestyle that features original series by her and other creators.


March 31, 2015TubeFilter
Michelle Phan Launches ICON Network On YouTube, Over-The-Top Devices

Michelle Phan is not just a makeup expert; she’s also one of the savviest businesswomen in the online video industry. For her latest venture, Phan has launched the ICON Network, a collection of lifestyle content that will be available, among other places, on YouTube, Roku, and several connected TV platforms.


March 31, 2015Business Insider
Michelle Phan is recruiting some of YouTube’s biggest stars to launch her own lifestyle network

Michelle Phan, a 27-year-old YouTube sensation with more than 7.5 million subscribers, is launching her own online video network. Dubbed ICON, the new network is a collaboration between Phan and Endemol Beyond, an online network.


March 31, 2015Mashable
YouTube megastar Michelle Phan launches new lifestyle network

If launching her own beauty line and record label wasn’t enough, YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan announced today that she’s partnering with Endemol Beyond USA for their new lifestyle network, ICON.

Phan will be the creative director for Endemol Beyond, which currently boasts 500 million monthly views via its multi-platforms: YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, Amazon Fire TV, among others. The 27-year old will mentor other online personalities while cultivating a streamlined vision for the network.


March 31, 2015The Verge
YouTube star Michelle Phan has officially outgrown YouTube

Michelle Phan is one of YouTube’s biggest celebrities — but she might be outgrowing the service. Phan, who built a business on fashion and beauty advice, is launching her own online network.


March 31, 2015Variety
Michelle Phan, Endemol Shine Launch ‘Icon’ Lifestyle Network on YouTube, Other Digital Platforms

Michelle Phan — YouTube star, makeup maven and entrepreneur — is launching online lifestyle network Icon together with Endemol Shine Group’s Endemol Beyond digital division.

The Icon network, on YouTube and other services, debuts Tuesday simultaneously in the U.S. and the U.K., with a slate of original programming spanning such topics as beauty, fashion, wellness, DIY, food and travel. Endemol Beyond plans rollouts across Western Europe and Asia later this year.


March 31, 2015Ad Age
Michelle Phan Launches Premium Video Network ‘Icon’

New-media celebrity Michelle Phan has announced a premium video network called Icon.
Together with Endemol Beyond, Ms. Phan created Icon, a lifestyle network that aims to help you “be your best self,” according to a promotional video on Youtube. The network debuts in the U.S. and U.K. today and will roll out in Asia and Western Europe later this year.


March 31, 2015VIDEOINK
Michelle Phan and Endemol Roll Out Global Lifestyle Network in US, UK

Endemol Shine Group and Michelle Phan are launching Icon, a global lifestyle network, in the US and UK on March 31.

Phan is the creative lead of the network, which includes premium content in the areas of beauty, fashion, food, DIY, human interest, travel, and health. Icon will also include new series and videos from online influencers such as Ann Le, Cassey Ho (aka Blogilates), Promise Phan, Charis Lincoln, and Rae from The Raeviewer.


March 31, 2015Realscreen

Michelle Phan, Endemol Beyond launch online lifestyle net

YouTube star and beauty guru Michelle Phan (pictured) has launched an online lifestyle network with Endemol Beyond.

The Icon network went live in the United States and the UK today (March 31), with roll-outs across Western Europe and Asia to follow later in the year. Phan will program the network’s beauty, fashion, wellness, food, travel and human interest content.


March 31, 2015Deadline
Michelle Phan Pushes Beyond YouTube With Endemol Beyond Online-Video Network

Michelle Phan, one of YouTube’s biggest stars who has aggressively built a burgeoning offline fashion and beauty empire, is now launching ICON, her own premium online-video network in collaboration with Endemol Beyond.

Phan’s ICON Network is launching separate channels on a variety of “over-the-top” online-video platforms for both the United States and U.K. today. Phan is programming the network, which will feature original series from a range of experts and influencers in beauty, fashion, wellness and related topics. Additional channels targeting Western Europe and Asia are planned for later in the year.


March 31, 2015B&C
Endemol Launching Streaming Net With YouTube Star Phan

Endemol Beyond and YouTube star Michelle Phan are launching what they called the first worldwide premium lifestyle networks online.

The network, called Icon, will carry new original series and content from digital influencers and lifestyle experts who collectively have registered more than 2.4 billion views on YouTube. Icon rolls out Tuesday in the U.S. and the U.K. It will launch in Western Europe and Asia in the summer and fall.